Hi! You found us!
Thank you for joining our Community focusing on Hope and Healing!!
We are a two person business
Antonia and Pema
You can read about our story on our “About Us” page. We do most everything ourselves and we imagine most shop owners do too! We have a little storefront in Philomath, Oregon so we understand your experience as a shop Owner and are here to serve you.
If you found us you are probably on a sustainable and clean product journey yourself. That means items cost more and we’re doing our best to keep costs low for you. 
Just a few notes
We are known for spoiling our customers, we can’t help it!! 
We have free items we include for you to try and just a lot fo extras!
We have no minimum 
Our sage is the only Certified Organic and sustainable Sage in the USA 
and same with our Palo Santo in the world. Please don’t ask our source as that is our bread and butter. (But we can provide verification of sustainability if needed to build your trust).
They both use third party certifications.
Meaning another company comes in to make sure they are following sustainable and organic guidelines. 
Our products are organic when we can NOT ALL PRODUCTS ARE ORGANIC but most are. All of our flowers are grown local and we pick them from the farms ourselves, in Philomath and Eugene, Oregon. 
We make many of our products ourselves in our storefront/workshop. 
Since we work with real materials there are variations in our products and sometimes we switch out different scents of candles in our gift boxes based on seasonal availability. 
Our products are close to nature so please extend understanding for the differences in each batch. Also please understand Organic dried flowers which are a feature of our store are very, very expensive you can figure that out with a quick google search.  
Please contact us if you have any questions of concerns. 
Please read our Etsy Bulk Buy Listing if you carry vintage in your store and need more product. 
Being a shop owner is hard!! But we all
love the fringe benefits and let’s rejoice in it, we get the freedom of creativity and time and to share our energy with the world!! 
That’s why we are all in this business!
Many Blessings of Healing and Profound Success to you, your Family and Business!!

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