Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers. Tired of staring at the ones you’ve been using. Bought yours out of utility and not adorabiltilty? 
Now is the time to change them up. $10.00 each set plus $4.00 shipping
1) JapaNese Bamboo cool square set
2) Myrtle wood smooth fun to touch set
3) Itty Bitty Purple Opalescent Antique set
4) 1970s Owl Kitchy Kitchen set 
5) SOLD 
6) Beer Kegger for.... that family 
7) Ma and Pa shitter Box set...for those people
8) Smooth Tall JapaNese mid century set
9) Folk Kitchen fat handmade set
10) Antique Floral hand painted China set

Variety of vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers