This is Seke which means Black in Cheyenne language. She got her name from her hair. She doesn’t talk much and is a hard worker. 

This is Ethel. She’s the bossiest and the smartest of the group. She keeps them safe. 

This is Winona. Which means youngest daughter in Cheyenne. 
She is the spunkiest of the three. 

She was created (born) in the 1970s she is handmade from a pattern that was shared by peoples on Native American Reservations. 
I collect these dolls and sell them. 
I Like the energy they have 
From the women who sat and stitched and made them. 
Sometimes for tourists. 
Sometimes for their children. 
Seke has some broken parts. 
Like we all do.

Native American Handmade Antique Dolls

Native American Dolls