This smudge is specially for OPENING YOUR LIFE TO POSSIBILITIES 

Making homemade ceremonial smudge mixes from sourced burn materials and smudges after much contemplation on what helps us move into the next phase of growth. 🧡
🌿Organic Rose Buds from Pacific Botanical Farms (roses are used to calm and soothe, known to help with melancholy or attachment to past events and emotions)
🌿 Organic COPAL resin from Ethiopia ( is used to clear away demonic forces and prepare a safe space for ritual and healing and birth)
🌿 Organic Sage leaf and flowers from Pacific Botanical Farms (sage is a common desert brush cultivated for centuries both flavor and healing ceremonial properties. Used in this formula to ground us to earth and ancient traditions)
🌿 Organic fresh harvested Calendula from Tserings garden (grown by an experienced Buddhist practitioner in her garden calendula soothes and heals open wounds. Strengthening our skin both literally and spiritually)
🌿 Ritual stick incense shards blessed by monks at a monastery in Nepal (with the power of many strong prayers these incense sticks carry with them the strength and power of spiritually confident)
🌿Organic Maca powder from Peru (has been used in South America for many reasons. One is for building strength)
This smudge comes in a glass jar and clean burning charcoal. 

There are only 2 bottles large and 2 bottles small. I will be making these every few months in different batches. 

Full Moon Expansion Handmade ceremony Smudge

Full Moon Expansion