Making homemade ceremonial smudge mixes from sourced burn materials and smudges after much contemplation on what helps us move into the next phase of growth. 🧡🌿
🌿Himalayan Sea Salt from Nepal large granules (salt is used to clear positive ionic fields from humans and animals creating a safer molecular environment)
🌿Organic Rose Buds from Pacific Botanical Farms (roses are used to calm and soothe, known to help with melancholy or attachment to past events and emotions)
🌿 Organic Myrrh resin from Ethiopia (myrrh is used to clear away demonic forces and prepare a safe space for ritual and healing and birth)
🌿 Organic Sage leaf and flowers from Pacific Botanical Farms (sage is a common desert brush cultivated for centuries both flavor and healing ceremonial properties. Used in this formula to ground us to earth and ancient traditions)
🌿 Organic fresh harvested Calendula from Tserings garden (grown by an experienced Buddhist practitioner in her garden calendula soothes and heals open wounds. Strengthening our skin both literally and spiritually)
🌿 Ritual stick incense shards blessed by nuns at a monastery in Pharpang, Nepal (with the power of many strong prayers these incense sticks carry with them the strength and power of spiritually confident and committed women of prayer)
🌿Organic Cocoa powder from Peru (cocoa has been used in South America for many reasons. One of them as an expression of gratitude when asking for something from the universe. I added this as an offering to give thanks for the gift of assistance of a smooth and clear opening in our lives)
This smudge comes in a glass jar with a crystal to keep on your altar after use and clean burning charcoal. 
This smudge is specially for transitioning thru difficult or new territory in your life. 
There are only 3 bottles of it and a few smaller packages. I will be making these every few months in different batches. 

Full Moon Expansion