These are amazing handmined turquoise chunks

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Carico Lake turquoise comes from the location of its mines on a dried up lake bed in a high, cool area of Lander County, Nevada. This famous old Turquoise mine produces mainly a light blue color Turquoise that sometimes has a light brown spiderweb matrix. The Carico Lake Turquoise mine also produce Turquoise with black matrix as well.

The Carico Lake Turquoise mine is most famous for its Lime Green Faustite. Its clear, iridescent, spring green color is due to its zinc content and is highly unique and collectible. In addition, Carico Lake turquoise comes in a dark blue-green color with a black or brown, spider web matrix. This mine produces rare psuedomorph clams that have interior turquoise.

Carico Lake Handmined Turquoise Chunks