Let’s not overlook the men in our life and the same small rituals women do religiously men enjoy as well! They just may not know it yet! These are handmade Beard oils and Sandalwood Beard Combs. We made the Beard oils after testing out many and researching what helps Beard softness, growth and does not smell too strong. 
These are handmade Beard Oils 
We tried to buy them from others but they were too strong or the old were not helpful for Beard growth and cleanliness. 
So we decided to make our own. 
We have two different oils to choose from 
There are too different types to choose from. 
The bottles are 2oz

We choose sandalwood (made in La Mesa, California) for the combs becuase the natural sandalwood oils from the comb go into the beard and the natural oils from your Beard condition the comb.
Together they create an addicting and pleasurable close contact experience. 
This is for a set of one of both oil & comb 
Sandalwood Comb with sleeve

Beard Oil & Sandalwood Comb Set

Beard oils
Sandalwood Combs