This bath salt is Organic Coconut Milk Powder. Organic Oregon grown Rose buds. Tibetan Pink Sea Salt. Organic Local Calendula Flowers. Reusable, Linen bag for soaking.
All our bath products are processed following FDA guidelines. 
I wanted to have two options either a 1-2bath soak product and a big bath salt container for 20+ baths. None of my customers are buying in between. Either there trying it or there coming back to stock up! We’ve spent so much in packaging bottle, glass, plastic, cardboard, recycled, new on and on. I think a simple one plastic bag and then a linen bag to use the soak in and is reusable is the way to go. I tried to go completely plastic free. But the soaks have too much food grade oils in them and they seep through everything. Glass marks the price up, costs a lot in shipping and may be equal to the carbon footprint of one tiny plastic bag. So after all of that I hope I can settle on this combination.

Bath salts with Soak Bag Rose, Milk & Salts