These are herbal healing soaps handmadefollowing ancient recipes
This one is specific for sensitive skin and anti-aging made with herbs and a lot of Neem and Vanilla 
These look small but they are very dense and heavy.

For years I have used on and off #auromere products they are a non profit which serves underprivileged children in India by providing free education and building schools for over a decade. They follow traditional aruyvedic recipes in body care and incense. We received our order of Vanilla Neem soap for sensitive skin and anti-aging. also their body lotion for all skin types non scented. These little soaps look small but are dense. We’re enjoying them at home and can’t wait for you to try. It took awhile for me to order as I try to research ALL OUR products; especially from other countries EVEN if they are a non-profit. We’re doing our best to have products that help others and not hurt anyone or the planet.
When you do this kind of research there’s lots and lots of cool things that are trending that we CANT carry in our store because of shady or vague business practices. When we find a company we can stand behind it makes me really happy. I am in amazement what good some companies have done There are A LOT of people who started businesses JUST TO HELP OTHERS or the business is an extension of a NON-PROFIT serving others. Pema and I have reduced our home purchasing to items we need and many that give back to the community. Our store inspired us to carry that mission into our home. We want to invite all of you especially anyone who took the time to read this to explore that journey in your own home. It begins to transform the energy of your home when all of the functioning parts and active products are clean both with their ingredients and with their karmic chain of production. We’re not FAR REMOVED FROM THE SUFFERING OF OTHERS. We are connected and as we reduce our enabling of the suffering of others through our buying power we will have homes that are energetically lighter. And the reality has been that the folks that are in this journey and are making products they happen to be the most kick ass amazing products!! So it’s a win win. I know we are a store and need to sell a lot of product to survive as a business. But I want to to be clean and useful and beneficial. Because in the end I am hoping we all actually use less things and connect more as people.

Aryavedic Neem and Vanilla soap Anti aging