This is a vest from the 1940s

It is a Ukrainian Hutsul Kiptar folk vest

It is very very heavy duty has a thick cotton exterior and floral rose lining as well as hand added padding to the interior.

This vest haspockets and a beautiful thick velvet piping around the edges.

It is made up of a series of pleats at the breast.

This mobility in the vest and the lining textile indicates it was used for a working person.

This vest has *A LOT OF LITTLE DAMAGES none of which impede the structure of the garment or will decrease it’s lifespan.

This vest vest fits a size 4-8

The model is a size 6 it fits me a bit snug and I am a size 12

*this garment has been professionally eco-dry cleaned

Antique Ukrainian Hutsul Kiptar Handmade Work Vest fully lined